Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Seven habits of highly effective library website

Update 8 June:  my presentation is now available on Slideshare.

Later today I'll be leading a session on ''effective' library websites at the Chartered Institute for Information Professionals Scotland (CILIPS) Annual Conference at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow (Twitter hashtag is #cilips11).

I'll blog about it properly in due course, but for the moment I've got a couple of lists set up in Diigo to accompany my presentation:

1. resources for website design/usability/writing for the web/etc
2. library website examples used in the session

PS. I never could get into using Delicious...but I really like Diigo.


Roger White said...

Could be wrong but I think items 1. and 2. are the same i.e. the same list of libraries. Maybe not a good time to say but just in case you show them later... ;)

Lel said...

You're right Roger!

Should work as planned now :)

jaleraas said...

You're presentation looked great! Loved it!!

Segue Librarian

Lel said...

Thank you very much :)