Thursday, 26 November 2009

From Twitter 11-25-2009

I have some Google Wave invites left if there's anyone out there who still hasn't got one. (And is willing to admit it!)
@AlistairReid I associate She Sells Sanctuary with the smell of wee.. For entirely different reasons...which I don't wish to go into...
@CILIPInfo Certainly. Just DM me your email address and it shall be yours.
RT @sharon370: The Public Index, discuss the proposed Google Book Search settlement [US site, but may be of interest]
RT @Scotland4me: Tired of waiting for the bus? - There's an Ap for that. [I have it and it's great!]
MediaNews Group Inc to block Google News ? Blimey, they're all it!
New David Sedaris audio book to be issued on vinyl!

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