Sunday, 20 September 2009

Help to create an information literate Scotland'd seemed to go really well at the Scottish Information Literacy Project Open Meeting last Wednesday where we launched our new community. Had the usual techy problems, with projectors not working and what not, but my 'jokes' seemed to go down well and most folk seemed genuinely enthused about the online CoP.

I'm expecting a flood of membership requests...if not, I know where they all live :-)

I had to nip off at lunchtime to catch a flight to London, so missed the afternoon sessions, but the presentations are all available on the CoP, so I'll check them out there when I get a minute.

If you've got an interest in information literacy - or even if you're not sure what it is and want to know more - please join us. The community is called 'Creating an information literate Scotland'. And the registration process is very straightforward. Or drop me an email/leave your details here and I'll send you an invite.

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