Tuesday, 28 July 2009

What's a librarian's day like?

A Day In The Life post...

(You can read the post that inspired librarydayinthelife on Bobbi Newman's site Librarian by Day.)

Signed up a day late, but the wiki site is actually blocked by the surf control at work and for various reasons I couldn't do anything at home yesterday.

Anyway, this particular librarian attended a training course on facilitation techniques today - specifically Appreciative Enquiry, World Cafe and Open Space. I'll write about those in detail at some point.

I'd call myself a fairly experienced trainer, but I've not done much facilitation and I'd not used any of these particular techniques before. It was a great course, very participative with a great trainer, a good group, lots of fuzzy felt, post-its and scented marker pens! My hands were covered in felt tip pen marks when I got home...always a sign of having been on a good training course!

I caught up with Tweets, RSS feeds, etc on the way home on the train and wrote this post after catching a couple of episodes of CSI!

Not a typical day...it's downhill from here for the rest of the week!

Photo: output from collaborative exercise at today's training event - turned out a bit like Zebedee, non?

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