Monday, 29 June 2009

Very much NOT at Glastonbury

...although I did listen to a lot of the coverage on 6 Music.

First weekend at home in a wee while so spent some time sorting out paperwork and tidying up in the study. The clutter had built up to the stage that I was finding it difficult to work in there. Once it was all ship shape and Bristol fashion I settled down to my Web 2.0 to do list.

Big news is that I signed up for a Twitter account - @lelil (lelly and lellywelly had already gone :-( ). Not sure what my tipping point was...but I'm sure there will be no looking back now! I've already got Phil Bradley and Karen Blakeman following me! Did have to unfollow (not picked up the technical term for that yet) someone pretty quickly as well - sorry, but I just didn't find Stephen Fry's tweets very interesting.

I have to stay up to date with what's happening in Regeneration - particularly what our various partner organisations are up to. I get enough stuff coming into my inbox without it being cluttered up with email bulletins, newsletters, etc and my Google Reader account has all my library/KM/IM/IL stuff. So I thought Netvibes might be a good way to bring together all the regeneration related news stuff I could ever want. This is the result: Still a work in progress - have additional RSS services to add and will probably organise the content into individual pages. Might also prove to be a useful resource for my colleagues as well as being a means for keeping myself up to date.

Found this Article from UTNE Reader which bigs up information literacy...yay! Did some digging regarding UNTE Reader, 'cos I hadn't come across it before. It's an American publication which purports to be a 'digest of independent ideas and alternative culture'! Turns out that this article was written by the magazine's librarian...which may account for the pro-librarian slant! Not that that's a bad thing of course!

And finally, the very talented, and currently very prolific, t'other af has just released Episode 3 of his Epistemology series. Think he's hoping to squeeze at least another couple of episodes out of the franchise. As usual, it's very good.

Chartership activities: none*

* moving my evidence box 50 centimetres to the right doesn't really count, does it?

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