Sunday, 29 November 2009

From Twitter 11-28-2009

Anyone know if Scotrail is on Twitter?
RT @nwinton: Timely advice!
RT @nwinton: RT @nwinton: Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! [my sentiments exactly :-(]
@MistressMunky Me too! Not the celeb version though...that's just too awful :-)
@MistressMunky The omnibus is my essential Sunday night viewing (has replaced CSI in my schedule!)

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

From Twitter 11-25-2009

I have some Google Wave invites left if there's anyone out there who still hasn't got one. (And is willing to admit it!)
@AlistairReid I associate She Sells Sanctuary with the smell of wee.. For entirely different reasons...which I don't wish to go into...
@CILIPInfo Certainly. Just DM me your email address and it shall be yours.
RT @sharon370: The Public Index, discuss the proposed Google Book Search settlement [US site, but may be of interest]
RT @Scotland4me: Tired of waiting for the bus? - There's an Ap for that. [I have it and it's great!]
MediaNews Group Inc to block Google News ? Blimey, they're all it!
New David Sedaris audio book to be issued on vinyl!

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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

From Twitter 11-24-2009

RT @Scotland4me: Bookstart bash: Ten years of a national reading programme marked [happy birthday Bookstart!]
Off to Raploch, Stirling to facilitate at a Scottish Government conference for community activists and volunteers. #regen
Very good event today at the Raploch. Met lots of ordinary folk doing extraordinary things in their communities. I love my job! :-)
@BenPlouviez It is indeed. The URC, the community and the council have worked together to turn the place around in a relatively short time.
@chibbie It is! As much as I am a fan of social media, nothing beats getting out and about speaking to folk!
RT @Scotland4me: N7: Storytelling at Edinburgh care homes � Tales of One City:
Miserable out there. Tempted to stay on the train and go round the Fife Circle again.
@BenPlouviez About time you were certified! :-) What were you studying at Cranfield?
@BenPlouviez I did not laugh. Much. :-)

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